Monday, December 6, 2010

must Watched rapunzel tangled now!!!

after da lama x conteng2 ape2 kt my bloggy ni...i just feel damn excited nk crite sal movie Rapunzel..
woooshhh!bezzzzz giler!!LOL..
SO,sape x g tgk ag...anda dipersilakan utk pergi ke GSC ke,ape ke..g tgk crite ni..
mmg funny,cute,lovely,charming..hehe....n eugene mmg klakar hbes!
rapunzel wit green eyes...woow!so cute...especially part rapunzel heal tgn eugene..hehe...
"please,don't freak out..",bwk la adk2 korng ke,kwn2 korng ke g tgk crite ni
added wit beautiful n nice songs, cm 'when will my life begin' n 'i see the light'...
let's go now!!preview the pic of them..

don't forget pascal n maximus!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

sebok nk tau ea?????

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

say NO to NO...

Isn't it high time someone got (-) about negativity???
yes,it it..
Look around. The world is full of things that,according to nay-sayers,
should never have happened
" Impossible "
" Impractical "
" No "
And yet " YES"
YES,continents have been found
YES, men have played golf on the moon
YES, straw is being turned into biofuel to power cars
What does it take to turn No into Yes?
An open mind.
A willingness to rake risks.
when the proble seems most in soluble,
when the challenge is hardest,
when everyone else is shaking their hands,
to say: Let's go!!