Monday, December 6, 2010

must Watched rapunzel tangled now!!!

after da lama x conteng2 ape2 kt my bloggy ni...i just feel damn excited nk crite sal movie Rapunzel..
woooshhh!bezzzzz giler!!LOL..
SO,sape x g tgk ag...anda dipersilakan utk pergi ke GSC ke,ape ke..g tgk crite ni..
mmg funny,cute,lovely,charming..hehe....n eugene mmg klakar hbes!
rapunzel wit green eyes...woow!so cute...especially part rapunzel heal tgn eugene..hehe...
"please,don't freak out..",bwk la adk2 korng ke,kwn2 korng ke g tgk crite ni
added wit beautiful n nice songs, cm 'when will my life begin' n 'i see the light'...
let's go now!!preview the pic of them..

don't forget pascal n maximus!

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