Friday, June 24, 2011

FATHER'S DAY celebration + sis 25TH BDAY...

slm 1 ummah kpd my readers!!!ahakz!alim sket ak kali ni..bkn slhkan??
so,even father's day da lpas 1 week ago..n my sis bday pown
da lpas lama,i still nk update la...
saje ngade nk uplod gmbo..
my dady!!!love u so much!

bday gurl!!

choc cake for bday gurl!!

apple jus kt chili's sgt sdap!

fajitas+big burger+fish steak with herbs sis treats to dady..=)

our little sista,aleesya!

cik na n dady...=)

mother n daughter..

both are my sis..=)

at dockers..dady choose father's day present here!

when with dady,she will smile..argh!!

hehe...2 je la yg i leh share happy moments we as 1 family..
till then...bye!

Friday, June 17, 2011

10 common S-I-G-N-S when a girl fell for a boy...

  1. She laughs a lot when you talk to her, even if you aren't being very funny.
    1. She will either make direct eye contact with you or will look hurriedly away if you catch eye contact.
    2. She became worried if you get flu or sick.
    3. She shows interest in whatever you talk about.
    4. She looks at you while you don't notice.
    5. From a distance, she will try searching you out.
    6. She will want to keep in touch online with you (so just give her your email adress!!).
    7. She will ask about your ex ,so she doesn't make the same mistakes.
    8. She will change the topic if she get caught likes you.
    9. She will try to be around you as often as possible and will smile A LOT around you and not always know what to say when you are near with a blur look in her face.

    p/s: i always do NUMBER 9...A LOT..=)