Friday, June 24, 2011

FATHER'S DAY celebration + sis 25TH BDAY...

slm 1 ummah kpd my readers!!!ahakz!alim sket ak kali ni..bkn slhkan??
so,even father's day da lpas 1 week ago..n my sis bday pown
da lpas lama,i still nk update la...
saje ngade nk uplod gmbo..
my dady!!!love u so much!

bday gurl!!

choc cake for bday gurl!!

apple jus kt chili's sgt sdap!

fajitas+big burger+fish steak with herbs sis treats to dady..=)

our little sista,aleesya!

cik na n dady...=)

mother n daughter..

both are my sis..=)

at dockers..dady choose father's day present here!

when with dady,she will smile..argh!!

hehe...2 je la yg i leh share happy moments we as 1 family..
till then...bye!

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